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Webinar Series 

Introduction to NewLaw 


Learn more about NewLaw in this interactive webinar, exploring the many meanings of 'NewLaw' and how it can be applied in practice. 

Key speakers include:

  • Wenee Yap, Head of Growth Marketing, thedocyard

  • Marianne Marchesi, 2019 Partner of the Year & Founder of 'Australia's Best Law Firm', Legalite 

  • Sara Rayment, Founder, Inkling Legal Design

Practical LegalTech Essentials 

Learn more about how legal software and technology is being used in law firms and how to impress employers with practical skills.

Key speakers include:

  • Wenee Yap, Head of Growth Marketing, thedocyard (Moderator)

  • Seamus Byrne, CEO of LawTap

  • Donna Broadley, CEO of LEAP Australia

Access Our Community

Join a lively and like-minded network of legaltech experts and enthusiasts. Stay connected via LinkedIn and Facebook to benefit from the latest trends and opportunities. 

Benefit from Industry Partnerships

Improve your practice-ready technological literacy by upskilling in commonly used legal software, such as LEAP and LawTap. Access internship opportunities with leading tech startups.

Improve your employability through LEAP University's NewUser Training - Register for free today!

Prove Your Knowledge

LegalTech Fundamentals in Practice


$39 | 2 attempts

Demonstrate your understanding of LegalTech Fundamentals in Practice with this multiple-choice 40-minute assessment, designed to help set you apart in a competitive job market.

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