Who are we?

We're lawyers for lawyers. And we're here to accelerate the future of law.

We are a group of LegalTech founders, technologists, lawyers, educators, and law students joined by common cause during the Great Pause of Lockdown 2020.


This cause was simple: if a downturn is inevitable, no young lawyer or lawyer-to-be should be left behind.


So how do you help a generation of law students and young lawyers remain competitive amidst the 'diamond-shaped' law firms who boldly boast of outsourcing or automating work traditionally used to train junior lawyers?

We connect you with industry experts at the leading edge of LegalTech and innovation. We explore legal business models built for sustainability, not top-heavy hierarchy. We provide certification and software training to make you more employable, and internship opportunities to bridge the gap of experience you'll need to not merely get ahead - but surpass existing structures.

You are the future of law. And we are backing you. 

Just as a humble snail launched the entire law of negligence, we are working to find a better way to practice law - a better way to bottle snails. 

Join the revolution, fellow legal snails. It's kicking off July 2020. 

Suite 53, 361 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

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